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Susy Hsi
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Click Here for Commission Details and Agreement

:la: Hi deviants~! I joined dA to learn from fellow deviants and improve on my artwork.

:pray: I pray that one day I can learn enough to work on matte paintings for films, games and animations. My inspiration often comes from anime and other artists here on dA. Most of my social life consists of games and archery. The genres I enjoy are fantasy and romantic comedies.

People share what we love to our friends so they can feel the same happiness we get from it. I pray for people to get to know my greatest love, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I dedicate all my success and improvements to the Lord. ^u^

My favourite quotes:
"It concerns us to know the purposes we seek in life, for then, like archers aiming at a definite mark, we shall be more likely to attain what we want" - Aristotle, Philosopher

"My job is to awaken the possibility in other people. My definition of success is not about wealth and fame and power, it's about how many shining eyes around me." - Benjamin Zander, Conductor

Current Residence: Vancouver, BC

If you enjoy my art, please check out my patreon page! Thank you to everyone that support my passion.

GIF Steven Universe - Have a Great Weekend! It’s been five years since I started selling art at conventions and festivals with mrART. I thought about writing a guide for AA about what to bring or what to expect but luckily they're tons of resources for that already. So instead, I am going to write down things that people usually don’t notice or mention often. Here we go~!

Overstock Troubles

You don’t have to worry too much about stock if you are attending several events, so the amount is up to you and your budget. However! If it’s your first few years of digital art, you’ll improve greatly in a short time! So that means if you stock up too many of your first drawings, you’ll get tired of seeing them and feel like it’s wasting space on your table cause your new work will sell better. So best to start off with nothing over 10 copies an item (per event) when you are starting out.

Display It Upright

Try to have your displays propped up, not completely flat on the table or perpendicular. The shy attendees stand farther away from the table and won’t notice the things not facing the front. This will also make your table look great in photos.

Packaging Promotes Your Work

Do not roll up your posters for your customers (unless you run out of clear bags). Make sure it’s visible and if they buy two prints, place them back to back with art outwards. One of the most efficient ways to advertise your stuff around the event is having your prints carried around and people asking where your table is! Drop a business card in the bag as well.

Money Saver

School resources have been mrART’s biggest money saver. Make use of that tuition money and student account to print at school! Industry print prices are double or triple the expense. Look for button machines in student council rooms or graphics/business departments. Buy and bring your own parts to persuade them. Just be wary that button-making is always noisy so be considerate.

Sleeve/Protect Your Display Prints

This tidbit became the most prominent one this year when we noticed due to the freezing cold weather up at SFU Burnaby mountain the prints start to curl. Of course sleeving your prints also protect from humidity and the tape you use each time you put them up and tear them down.

Your Brand

First off, make a brand for yourself and your partners. A logo will always help people notice and remember your table better. It took mrART a few years and some achievements to be recognized as “that group with the dinosaur” but it worked out better than expected.


Now I’m going to talk about deeper topics and how much the Artist Alley atmosphere has transformed from 2010 to 2015.


Quality of Art

It’s super exciting to see digital art expand and become so detailed and groundbreaking over the years. This also means artists will feel overwhelmed and don’t know if they will ever catch up to the veterans. Try not to think this way and understand that observational skills and analyzing what your own art needs to improve on are what speeds up your development. Becoming great at producing art is not always a matter of time and talent.


The gray area lives on. The world has slowly started being concerned about copyright issues but currently, the artist alley has been pulled both ways. Some companies encourage it for advertising but some specifically say no (it’s best just to check yourself). The important thing to know is that currently if you do not label the series the fanart is from, the AA will allow it. As good business sense, I have also been advised that if the series doesn't allow sales of fan art online, you can label it as "Convention Only". This means the product is only available in person at conventions, which will peak people's interests and save you from troubles.

Staff Involvement

Keep in mind of how the events are run by your local communities. It's great to see how events improved for the AA community. The biggest improvement has been at SFU Summer Festival and Anime Evolution where their staff members are assigned to visit tables and offer help for setup/closing and deliver bottles of water. Other conventions have improved their registration forms by adding extra comments and details for the artist’s table. So it’s great to be able to ask for tables next to friends and perhaps near stage areas if you like to party with the music. Unfortunately in the Dealer’s Area art still gets stolen without the staff checking their products. Anime Revolution has more strict checks in their Artist Alley registration.

Your Involvement

Lastly, the main reason why you join an artist alley is for the community. If you are there to make a huge profit, then honestly it’s not going to help you far along in terms of monetary gain. With all the time it takes to plan your resources, draw the art, make it happen, and sell the merchandise, you would definitely make more with a minimum wage job. It was obvious to me why I wanted to join the community, I fell in love with the atmosphere, the nerdy people and the challenge itself. So do it cause it makes you happy.


Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Poster
New poster design of Cardcaptor Sakura! I love the intro outfit of the Clear Card series and all this nostalgia makes me want to watch Tsubasa Chronicles again <3!


Commission Info 

You can also find me on:
♦ Facebook

Time Spent: 11 hours 
Tools: Bamboo Fun Tablet + Photoshop CC
Baymax Comforts Jaune Commission
Head pat. A heartwarming yet sad commission of Baymax from Big Hero 6 comforting Jaune Arc from RWBY. My commissioner that cosplays as Baymax wanted to cheer up his friend who cosplays as Jaune with this piece. Lots of hugs!

Commission Info 

You can also find me on:
♦ Facebook

Time Spent: 4.5 hours 
Tools: Bamboo Fun Tablet + Photoshop CC
Hey Weiss! RWBY x Legend of Zelda Commission
Navi   animated A fun commission of Weiss Schnee and Ruby Rose in a Legend of Zelda crossover. 

Commission Info 

You can also find me on:
♦ Tumblr
♦ Facebook

Time Spent: 4 hours 
Tools: Bamboo Fun Tablet + Photoshop CC
Commission Info (Current Status: Full)
Hi everyone! This is an updated commission board and once every year or so I raise my prices if I feel that my skills have improved significantly. PLEASE READ THE AGREEMENT for both parties' sake.

----- FAQ -----

Are you accepting commissions at this time?

Commissions are currently OPEN! :dummy: Accepting two commissions at a time, but if full, you can still send a note to me so I can get back to you sooner. :]

What are the sizes of your artwork?

All digital categories will be drawn on approximately 4x6" canvases (300dpi) excluding the special categories.

What can I ask you to draw?

Will Do: Anything that isn't in the 'Won't Do' Section
Will Not Do: Realism, yaoi, yuri, hentai/pornography (ecchi is fine), extreme gore, violence, sexist/racist material
Will Try: Animals, mecha, creepy/slight gore (Feel free to ask if you are unsure)
Maximum # of characters in a drawing: 3~5 (Depending on composition)

How should I contact you for a commission?

You can send me a note through DeviantArt, or message me on my Facebook artist page (, or email me:

---- STEPS ----

- Fill out and send me the commission form and I will reply back to you with the final price. The prices vary on how detailed the character, composition, and background is.
- Once both parties have accepted the details of the order, send your paypal payment to: [At this point, you may not retract your order.]

Please note:
The price we agree on is the base price, it does not include the paypal fee. Select "Send Money > Personal Payment > Check Other > You pay the shipping fee" because it's the minimum service fee (sometimes it's free) or you have to include the paypal fee in the payment, it's about 10% the total payment. This is optional but I really appreciate it! <3

- After sending the commission details, I will tell you the total cost of the commission.
- When I have received the money, I'll notify you and can get started on it.
- If for some reason I cannot finish the commission, no matter what I've done so far with your order, you will receive a full refund.
- Please wait 1-4 weeks for your commission and thank you very much for your support! I will inform you when it's done and send you the file to download.


Subject: Commission to Liansa
Category: [Type]
Background: [Background information or None]
Number of characters: #
About character(s): [name(s) + profile(s)) + some refs/links + poses/scene]
Favourite piece: [Since my style varies quite often, link which artwork in my gallery is your favourite so I can get a sense of what you like!]


I highly appreciate anyone sharing my commission info! :hug: Thank you for visiting and God bless<3!

You can check out my previous commissions in my gallery section.


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